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How to Get the Dream Fluff in Psychonauts 2


Dream Fluff is a candy item in Psychonauts 2, and it will help you to restore Razputin’s mental health. Dream fluff is one of the most important items in Psychonauts 2. This guide will help you know how you can get Dream Fluff.

Psychonauts 2: How to Get Dream Fluff

If you want to get Dream Fluff, you will need to go to the Main Lodge and pay a visit to the camp store there. This is the place, where you can get the Dream Fluff, but you will have to pay some price for it. To get a Dream Fluff, you will need to pay 50 arrowheads.

You will also find Chef Cruller, who will be selling burgers and some other items too in this store. Keep in mind, that you can get hold of three Fluffs at a time.

So, you should avoid purchasing more than three Fluffs and these will be activated automatically as soon as Razputin’s mental health decreases in the game. A single fluff, when activated, will restore all of Razputin’s mental health.

Rasputin can consume the Dream Fluff candies manually if he wants to do so. This way, you don’t need to worry about spending arrowheads. Even if you did spend some arrowheads, then you can keep those Dream Fluffs to yourself.

You should know that there is an achievement of Fluff Nutter in Psychonauts 2, you can complete this achievement by getting the maximum number of Dream Fluffs that you can hold in your inventory.

This is everything that we have on how you can get the Dream Fluff in Psychonauts 2. Need more help? Outrunning Bees, Questionable Area Chests Locations, PSI Challenge Card Locations.

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