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How to Get the Dark Winter SMG in The Division 2 Season 11

Dark Winter SMG Fast Farming Tips


The Dark Winter SMG is a highly sought-after weapon in The Division 2, a popular online action game. It is a PVP-exclusive weapon that can be challenging to acquire. However, there are several ways to obtain it. In this guide, we will discuss the best ways to get the Dark Winter SMG in The Division 2.

Farm the Dark Zone West

During Targeted Loot events is one of the best ways to acquire the Dark Winter SMG. You can do this by farming the Dark Zone West during Targeted Loot events. Targeted Loot events happen every day, and you can find the location of the targeted loot by opening the map.

When the Dark Winter SMG is the targeted loot in a Dark Zone, it is the perfect time to farm and try to pick it up. Keep in mind that all the loot drops in the Dark Zone are contaminated, so you will have to extract them. This wasn’t the case for a while but since the dawn of Season 11, we have noticed plenty of loot being contaminated in the Dark Zone.

As I mentioned above, the best farming location is the Dark Zone West but you can farm for the Dark Winter SMG at any Dark Zone area. However, for the time being, Dark Zone West is your best bet for farming this SMG faster.

Buy the Dark Winter SMG from the Dark Zone Vendor

Another way to obtain the Dark Winter SMG is by buying it from the Dark Zone Vendor. You can buy it using Dark Zone resources, which you can obtain by breaking down unwanted items from the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone Vendor may not always have the Dark Winter SMG in stock, so it is essential to check regularly.

This isn’t the fastest method but it is one of the known ways to get the Dark Winter SMG in The Division 2. You can farm for DZ resources at Landmarks and then dismantle unwanted items. Landmarks are the fastest way to farm Dark Zone resources to purchase items from The Dark Zone Vendor.

Open Named Caches from the Countdown Vendor

You can also try your luck by opening Named Caches from the Countdown Vendor, which have a chance to contain the Dark Winter SMG.

Named Caches rotate on a weekly basis, and you can buy them using Phoenix Credits. It may take several tries to get the SMG, but it is a viable option for those who do not want to farm the Dark Zone.

Once you reach Rank 30, you can obtain Phoenix Credits, which are a type of currency used exclusively in the end-game. These credits are required by specific vendors located both inside and outside of the Dark Zone, in order to purchase their high-end items such as weapons, gear, and keys.

You can do daily missions on higher difficulties and take on named enemies in the Dark Zone to farm Phoenix Credits.

The Dark Winter SMG is a powerful weapon in The Division 2 and can be challenging to obtain. However, by following the methods mentioned above, you can increase your chances of acquiring it. Whether you prefer farming the Dark Zone or buying Named Caches, the Dark Winter SMG is worth the grind. Keep in mind that it is a PVP-exclusive weapon, and it may take some time to get your hands on it.

That’s everything you need to know on how to farm the Dark Winter SMG in The Division 2. We have more Division 2 guides you may like including the Best Season 11 Pistol Build and Best NinjaBike Bag Build.

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