How to Get the Bow in The Last of Us 2 – Find Arrows, Craft, Upgrades

get the bow in the last of us 2

One of the most useful ways to dispose of enemies is to use the bow in The Last of Us 2. However, where to find the bow? How to get the bow? We will answer both of these questions as well as tell you how to get more arrows for your newly found bow.

The bow is essential for gameplay, especially if you want to take the stealth route. Making noise can get you killed especially on the harder difficulties. Being spotted is not ideal for Ellie in The Last of Us 2 so using noisy weapons should be the last option. Hence, the bow should be your weapon of choice in The Last of Us 2 so let’s see where we can find it and get our hands dirty.

How to Get the Bow and Arrows in The Last of 2

The bow is found after you play the game for a few hours which means going through the early levels.  You must reach Seatle and during your second day in the city, you will find the bow for your The Last of Us 2 killings.  Start the Hillcrest level of the game and this is the level where you get the bow in The Last of Us 2. In the Hillcrest level, you will be exploring the title district when you’ll pass through a set of stairs where you will find arrows for your bow. However, you still won’t have the bow itself.

Keep exploring as part of the main mission and you will be attacked by a Stalker, a deadly infected with a lot of agility. Ellie will notice that there is a bow on the back of this Stalker which means this Stalker turned recently and was one of the last survivors in the area. Kill the Stalker and the bow will drop from its body. Pick up the bow and Ellie will examine it for a second before it is available for you to use in the remaining missions of The Last of Us 2.

How to Get Arrows for Your Bow

To get arrows for the bow you need to loot the bodies and explore as much as you can. You will find arrows laying around at a variety of locations in The Last of Us Part 2. Moreover, Ellie can craft arrows with resources she finds around the area. Keep in mind that the arrows you shoot at the enemies can be reused but only if they didn’t break upon impact. Most of the time they do break so the chance of reusing arrows is slim at best.

As you progress in the game you will unlock more crafting options for your arrows. You can craft explosive arrows that are great against the Clickers and Stalkers. You will also be able to upgrade your bow to judge the range of the enemies via the Rangefinder upgrade. It costs 80 scraps on any workbench. The Rangefinder will tell you the distance from the enemy as well as add a dot sight.

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