There are many items in Lost Ark that serve different purposes and are pretty rare. Bloody Rod is a rare item that players can find in the continent of Rethramis.

The Bloody Rod is an item with the rarity and can be considered a legendary item. It is also not found so easily, so follow this guide to know how can you get your hands on the Bloody Rod in Lost Ark.

How to Get Bloody Rod

Getting the Bloody Rod might seem easy and simple, but it is kind of a difficult task. This is due to the fact that you will face various enemies that would be hard to kill and are monstrously dangerous. Most of these enemies will be encountered by you in the continent of Rethramis.

Many of these enemies will drop some great items that would be worth looting and will be useful in future ventures of the story. This means that there will be chances of you collecting more than just one Bloody Rod. However, it is enough if you have one Bloody Rod.

This is everything that we have on how to get the Bloody Rod in Lost Ark. Need more help? See Shadowfallen Giant Locarok, Rudric Boss Fight.

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