As is the case with many other games during the holiday season, The Division 2 is also getting a special event for players to unlock new gear during the holiday season. The Outguard event is now active and will end in January 2021. While the event is live you can unlock new cosmetic gear sets as well as a Ballistic Helmet in The Division 2. In this quick guide, I will explain how to get the Ballistic Helmet in The Division 2 Outguard event.


The Division 2 Outguard Event: How to Get the Ballistic Helmet

To get the Ballistic Helmet in The Division 2 Outguard Event you need to collect all new Apparel. Once you collect all-new cosmetic gear in the game, you can then collect the Ballistic Helmet.

There are 24 new apparel items available to all Warlords of New York owners who completed the campaign. Items are collected through Event Chaches and these are open by Keys. You can earn Outguard Event Keys by gaining SHD levels in the game or by Premium Credits purchase. Moreover, you can gift Apparel kets to other Agents in your Clan or in your friends list.

You earn an even Key by simply logging into the game at any point during the Outguard Event. Season 4 pass owners get three keys for free.


The Unique Ballistic Helmet is your final reward for collecting all Outguard items during The Division 2 event. The Outguard Event ends on January 11, 2021, which gives you more than enough time to collect all rewards. If you need more information regarding the Outguard Event visit our detailed event guide.


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