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How To Get Sulfur In Palworld (All Farming Locations)


Palworld players find themselves in a quest for a variety of materials such as Wool, Fiber, High Quality Cloth, Pal Oil, and more. All of them are essential for survival and crafting. Among these, Sulfur emerges as a critical element, especially for those looking to delve into the production of firearms and ammunition.

How And Where To Find Sulfur In Palworld (All Known Locations)

Sulfur Location #1

The initial dungeons players encounter are prime locations for finding Sulfur. These dungeons, scattered throughout the starting zones, contain Sulfur deposits identifiable by their distinct yellowish rock formations. However, it’s crucial to venture into these dungeons well-prepared, as they often harbor various dangers. A Metal Pickaxe or one of a higher tier is essential for mining the Sulfur here.

Some dungeons, like the one on Windswept Island near the Rayne Syndicate Tower, house substantial amounts of Sulfur. These deposits are easily distinguishable due to their yellow tint. Exploring with a torch is recommended due to the darkness in dungeons.

Note: Dungeon locations spawn randomly and disappear after their counter runs out. However, there are some known locations where they spawn.

Sulfur Location #2

Another best source of Sulfur lies in the desert biome of Palworld. This area, characterized by its harsh, hot environment, not only offers Sulfur but also coal deposits. Players are advised to equip heat protection armor and ensure ample inventory space, as these biomes tend to be distant from player bases. The desert northwest of the Bridge of the Twin Knights and the Ravine Entrance are specific locations mentioned for finding Sulfur.

Sulfur farm location in the desert biome of Palworld.

Sulfur Location #3

On the west side of the map, Mt. Obsidian emerges as another notable location for Sulfur mining. Additionally, Sulfur can be found in sandy areas across the islands in the open world. For instance, the inner patch of islands near Cinnamoth Forest and around the Investigator’s Fork waymark are known to have Sulfur deposits.

Cinnamoth Forest sulfur farm location in Palworld.
Cinnamoth Forest sulfur location.

Getting Sulfur Through Mining

To effectively mine Sulfur, players need a reliable pickaxe. While a stone pickaxe can suffice, a metal pickaxe or a stronger variant is recommended for quicker mining. Sulfur is slightly heavy, weighing around three pounds per chunk, so players should monitor their carry weight to avoid being overburdened.

The primary use of Sulfur in Palworld is in the creation of gunpowder, an essential component for making guns and ammo. Players can unlock the necessary technology node for gunpowder production at level 21. The recipe requires two charcoal, one sulfur chunk, and a high-quality workbench. With these resources, players can craft gunpowder at their workbench, paving the way for firearms production as they progress in the game.

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