V Rising offers plenty of resources, and you’ll find a nice tutorial about them when you start playing the game. However, some resources can be challenging to obtain – two such examples are stone dust and stone brick, which are necessary for castle upgrades and making whetstone. With their scarcity comes an added challenge in obtaining these items. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover all the essential information on stone dust and bricks in V Rising.

How To Craft Stone Dust and Stone Brick in V Rising

To get your hands on Stone Dust and Stone Brick, you must first construct a Grinder at your base. Before beginning the construction process, complete its accompanying quest – otherwise, you must unlock the necessary recipes. The following items are required for building a Grinder:

To get your hands on Stone Dust and Stone Brick, you must build a Grinder at your base. Before you start building, remember you must complete its quest; otherwise, you will depend upon its recipes. Following are the things you need to build to Grinder

  • 8x planks
  • 4x whetstones
  • 4x copper ingots

After obtaining the listed materials, head to your Build menu and construct a Grinder inside your Castle. Once it’s placed in its designated spot, approach it and press ‘E’ on the keyboard to summon up its options menu – just as you did with the Sawmill and Furnace!

To craft Stone Dust and Stone Brick, you must place pick the stone from your inventory and throw them into the Grinder’s “input” boxes. To make this possible, however, your foundation needs to be charged up by a Castle Heart so that the Grinder can begin its process and yield the desired results: one unit of Stone Dust and one unit of Stone Brick per twelve Stones used. After only a few seconds, these elements will appear on the other side of the Grinder.

How To Get Stone Dust and Stone Brick in V Rising

If you don’t want to craft Stone Dust and Brick the traditional way, you still have hope! Reach into nature and break down stone pillars or rocks to acquire your desired materials. Doing so will enable a different approach that can be just as successful. Moreover, you’ll be able to acquire them from the chests and structures.

How To Use Stone Bricks For Castle Heart

V Rising Stone Bricks are crucial for constructing your Castle Heart. They are used for both walls and floors. Upgrading from basic Wood walls to Stone Brick ones is also necessary for having a roof on your castle, which can be a challenge if you are new to the game’s mechanics.

That’s all you need to know to get Stone Dust and Stone Brick in V Rising. The process may seem intimidating at first, but with the right guidance and a bit of patience, anyone can make their way to collecting these valuable resources. In addition, with stone dust and brick in hand, you’ll be able to upgrade your Castle much faster and unlock new abilities. Want to read more about V Rising? Here are some articles for you:

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