As with other video games, players are often on a tight budget – they need to be prudent when spending. Fire Emblem Engage’s developer Intelligent Systems, understands this and wants their gamers to experience the fun. That is why they have introduced the Silver Card: an innovative solution that caters specifically to these gaming enthusiasts. With the Silver Card, players can experience a 30% discount on various stores such as the Armory and Item Shop. In addition, unlocking this card provides more opportunities to save money while shopping. In the following guide, I will show you how to get the much sought-after Silver Card in Fire Emblem Engage.

Where To Get the Silver Card (Location)

Avid gamers can uncover the Silver Card in the Dragon Temple of the Divine Paralogue: The Ancestor. Nevertheless, you will only be able to access the Divine Paralogues if you have earned the Emblem Edelgard at Somniel.

If you have trouble finding the Silver Card, reach the top left corner of the map. As a hint, there’s a heart-shaped puddle of water right next to it. With this clue in mind, you can quickly locate your Silver Card.

Securing a Silver Card on your quest requires one essential element: the Warp staff. In other words, you must be arming yourself with this thing outside the Dragon temple to obtain it. So if you’re looking for the Wrap staff, keep an eye out for a chest on your left-hand side. That’s where it will be tucked away.

One unit must utilize the device to use Warp Staff, while another should be nearby successfully. Otherwise, teleportation will not occur, and you’ll miss out on its incredible potential!

For maximum success, the dispatched unit must be equipped with Emblem Celica to take advantage of their Warp Ragnarok ability. This allows them to teleport quickly into the castle for a rapid response time.

To acquire the Silver Card, you must rotate your entire unit in a clockwise direction over the illuminated area.

How and Where to Use the Silver Card in FE Engage

Once you have acquired the Silver Card, your team must return to Dragon Temple. This can be achieved either by Rescue staff or via Warp Ragnarok. Claim you’re just rewarded after defeating the foe.

You can also use this card to purchase exclusive items such as weapons, armor, and other special items. Furthermore, you are eligible for additional rewards that aren’t available to everyone else. So take advantage of them to get an edge in the game. With that said, I hope this guide has enlightened you on how to get Silver Cards in Fire Emblem Engage and helped you make your gaming experiences even more enjoyable.

That’s all! You have now successfully obtained the Silver Card in Fire Emblem Engage. Enjoy your discount, and happy gaming. If you want to read more about Fire Emblem Engage and its different mechanics, here are some guides you might like:

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