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How to Get Scarletite in FF16 (Best Way)

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) allows players to craft powerful armor and equipment with a range of crafting materials. Among the essential ingredients required for crafting top-tier items, Scarletite stands out as a rare and potent material. In this guide, we will discuss the various ways to obtain Scarletite in FF16.

Scarletite holds immense value in FF16, as it forms a crucial component in crafting powerful items such as the Drakeslayer’s Belt, Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, and Excalibur. Despite requiring only one Scarletite per item, players often struggle to locate this rare material. Fear not.

Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite Locations

The primary way for getting more Scarletite in FF16 is through the Hunt Board. Notorious Marks offer Scarletite as a reward for their defeat. Let’s look into the details of these marks and the Scarletite they offer:

Dozmare the Griffin

  • Rank: B
  • Level: 28
  • Unlock Requirement: Start the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest
  • Reward: 1x Scarletite


  • Rank: B
  • Level: 34
  • Unlock Requirement: Start the Riddle of the Sands main quest
  • Reward: Scarletite

The Ten of Clubs

  • Rank: B
  • Level: 35
  • Unlock Requirement: Complete the Fire in the Sky main quest
  • Reward: 1x Scarletite

Holy Trumpitour

  • Rank: B
  • Level: 36
  • Unlock Requirement: Complete the For Great Justice II side quest
  • Reward: 1x Scarletite
How to Get Scarletite in FF16 Hunt Board

Side Quest: Hot Water

In addition to the Hunt Board, FF16 offers an alternative means of acquiring Scarletite through a side quest known as “Hot Water.” Start by visiting Xaver, an NPC located in the Dhalmekian Republic’s Dalimil Inn. Xaver will give you the Hot Water quest.

How to Get Scarletite in FF16  Hot Water side quest.

To complete the quest, you must go to the Doeznov Terraces and eliminate several menacing bombs. Follow the in-game waypoints to navigate the area efficiently. Once you have successfully dispatched the bombs, return to Xaver, who will reward you with 1x Scarletite. Additionally, Xaver will offer the Breath of the Inferno (Ignition), an item that reduces Ignition cooldown by 2.2 seconds.

Scarletite is not the sole rare material required for crafting the Drakeslayer’s Belt, Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, and Excalibur in FF16. You will need to acquire other valuable materials such as Wyritte, Electrum, Gelatinous Mass, and Bomb Ember. These materials can also be obtained by defeating Notorious Marks.

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