In games, further updates are provided, such as health upgrades, power upgrades, or character upgrades. Runic Fang is one such ascension material required in Genshin Impact to upgrade the Player’s character. Unlike other materials, Runic Fang is not very easy to grab. This guide will explain how to get Runic Fang in Genish Impact.

How to Get Runic Fang in Genshin Impact

To get Runic Fang, the player needs to follow these two steps.

  • Step 01

Talk to Muning, who is in Quingxu Pool in Liyue. By talking to him, the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering world quest will start, which is the first step to

  • Step 02

After completing step 01, Go towards the serpent’s cave. Where in the Chasm, search for the boss Ruin Serpent of level 30 or above. Defeat him and get Runic Fang.

How to Defeat Ruin Serpent

You need to stay away from him to beat Ruin Serpent because he takes significantly less physical damage. The only chance to beat him is during the fight when he shows his weak points. He has four weak points. Destroy these four to stun him. When he is stunned, attack him to cause significant damage.

Uses Of Runic Fang

It is used as one of the ascension materials for the character Yelan. Ans it is also predicted to be ascension materials for two more characters such as Kuki Shinobu and Heizou.

Detail About Runic Fang

It’s a machine that looks like a snake. On the machine, some runes are crafted on it.

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