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How To Get Royal Hourglass In Disney Dreamlight Valley


In “Disney Dreamlight Valley,” obtaining and using the Royal Hourglass involves a series of steps and quests, particularly within the “A Rift in Time” DLC.

To unlock the Royal Hourglass, you need to own and download the “A Rift in Time” DLC, released on December 5, 2023. This DLC introduces Eternity Isle, where you’ll find new quests and challenges​​.

How To Get Royal Hourglass For Flying Nuisance Quest

Start by completing the “Port of Many Worlds” and “The Secrets of Eternity Isle” quests. Once these are done, you’ll begin the “Flying Nuisance” quest on Eternity Isle, which is crucial for earning the Royal Hourglass​​.

The key to this quest is convincing EVE, a character in the game, to allow you to access the Hourglass. First, find EVE in the west section of The Docks in Ancient’s Landing. Use your Pickaxe to clear a path by smashing Copper Rocks blocking a bridge​​.

After locating EVE, interact with her. She won’t recognize you initially, so you’ll need to find a way to convince her of your identity. This involves going to EVE’s house and finding clues to persuade her​​.

EVEs Memory Locations

Inside EVE’s house, search through piles of junk to uncover a sheet of paper, which is a photograph of one of EVE’s memories​​.

The photograph shows a hidden area behind the Waterfall in The Docks in Ancient’s Landing. Go there, clear the Copper Rocks with your Pickaxe, and find a chest containing two clothing bags. Put on the costume from these bags​​.

Make The Best Fish Forever For EVE

EVE will then challenge you to make an old recipe, the Best Fish Forever recipe. This task requires completing the ‘Give Me A Sign‘ quest to open Goofy’s Stall in The Docks, having at least one piece of coal for cooking, and gathering four specific ingredients​​.

Once you’ve prepared the dish and taken it back to EVE while wearing the full Robot costume, EVE will recognize you and allow you to access the Royal Hourglass​​.

After EVE recognizes you, you can collect the Royal Hourglass from the wall and add it to your Royal Tool inventory​​.

How To Use Royal Hourglass

The Royal Hourglass can be used for several purposes in the game:

  • Manipulating time and solving puzzles.
  • Clearing away Swirling Sands by highlighting them and pressing the use tool button.
  • Uncovering hidden treasures by sensing their direction and pressing the use tool button until the treasure is revealed​​​​.
  • Upgrading the Hourglass using Mist collected from Eternity Isle tasks allows you to find more treasure and craft new objects like Cookers, Gardeners, and Vacuums​​.
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