While it may not seem like it initially, it does pay to be a good guy in Cyberpunk 2077. You will encounter many random events that give you a chance to intervene and be a good samaritan; you also get paid for it.

These events fall under the Assault in Progress category, or other Police reported crime tasks. If you’re taking on such as an event, you can find yourself face to face with one or multiple NPCs with bounties on their heads.

Once you are done with the event, you need to collect the reward by getting the evidence from the scene to finish the job. Not all jobs require evidence collection, but if the in-progress task is still shown on the right side of the screen even after completing it, you’ll need to collect evidence to get the rewards.

Use your scanner to find the evidence in the area. As soon as you find the evidence, you’ll see a “Job Completed” notification on your screen, and the reward will be transferred to you.

How to Collect Bounty

Instead of waiting to come across a random assault event, you can go find trouble yourself. V’s scanner can be used to see who has a bounty on their head in Night City. Go after the target and subdue them to get the reward. You don’t need to do anything else; there is no drop-off. Simply subdue the target, and the reward is transferred to you.

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