The Resurrection Charges in loop Hero works as an additional life for players’ Hero, as it can become quite a hard game sometimes. Any Hero in Loop Hero has a fundamental role, and having an extra life in a game of this kind is crucial and important, considering how hard the game is. So, lasting longer on the battlefield let players retreat or consider their strategy again, or just to save their precious resources. This is a guide on how to Get the Resurrection Charges.


Getting the Resurrection Charges in Loop Hero

Getting the Resurrection Charges does not take that much hard work and time, but it still is quite a difficult and complex game. From what we have discovered, there are three ways to obtain these charges, and with these ways, we can revive ourselves three times in a race. The three ways to achieve Resurrection charges are:

  • You can use the Ancestral Crypt Gold Card to revive full health once.
  • Many players are also familiar with Omicron’s Technique trait, which allows you to revive yourself and revives your character with full health.
  • The third way is to upgrade the cemetery in your camp. Doing this will revitalize a great portion of your health.

These were all the Resurrection Charges in Loop Hero from which you can revive yourself. These might be a bit difficult for some players to obtain.

This was everything you needed to know about how to get and use Resurrection Charges in Loop Hero. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our other Loop Hero guides.