In the immersive world of Dredge, players are constantly faced with challenges and objectives that enhance their gameplay experience. Among the many resources required to progress in the game, Refined Metal holds a special significance. Essential for upgrading your vessel’s hull, Refined Metal not only expands your boat’s cargo space but also fortifies its structure, enabling it to withstand increased damage which will help to go after creatures like the Stoplight Loosejaw.

As such, locating and acquiring Refined Metal becomes a vital task for Dredge players. This guide will provide you with detailed information and directions to help you find Refined Metal with ease, ensuring that you can perform the crucial hull upgrades and elevate your overall gaming experience in Dredge.

Dredge: How to Get Refined Metal

To find Refined Metal for your first hull upgrade in Dredge, head to the east side of Gale Cliffs and navigate to P3 in the southeast corner. At this location, you will find a waterfall. Pass through the waterfall to enter an alcove containing a chest, which holds one sheet of Refined Metal. This amount is sufficient for the Tier 2 Hull Upgrade.

If you need more Refined Metal in Dredge, the Dusty Pontoon in N4, at the northwest corner of Gale Cliffs, is an unlimited source. Dock at the pontoon, access its Shipyard, view the Traveling Merchant’s wares, and select the Miscellaneous tab. Here, you will find a sheet of Refined Metal for $500. The stock is replenished a day after purchase.

Refined metal location 2

Though $500 may seem steep, players can quickly accumulate money by fishing near the Dusty Pontoon and selling their catch to the Traveling Merchant. Visit the Dusty Pontoon’s Fish Market to sell your fish, just as you would in Greater Marrow.

To collect the money needed to purchase Refined Metal, consider placing Crab Pots and deploying a Net around the Dusty Pontoon. These items can boost your earnings with minimal maintenance. Pots and Nets require repairs after being in use for a specific number of days, which the Traveling Merchant can perform in her Shipyard.

That’s all there is to know on how to get Refined Metal. Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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