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How To Get Refined Ingots In Palworld (Crafting Recipe, Uses)


Crafting is a big part of Palworld and one of the resources frequently used for crafting is Refined Ingots. It is used for creating an array of weapons, armor, and other useful tools. To get Refined Ingots in Palworld, you need to get Ore, Coal, and build a Furnace.

How To Get Crafting Materials For Refined Ingots In Palworld

To craft Refined Ingots, players need specific resources:

  • Ore: Commonly found in most areas, identifiable by its dark, copper-like appearance. The Plateau of Beginnings (coordinates 233, -505) is a notable location for finding Ore.
  • Coal: A rarer mineral, located in specific regions like the Sand Dunes in the Desert biome, the southern part of the Mount Obsidian Lava biome, and near the Anubis spawn point in the Twilight Dunes region (coordinates -135, -93).

How To Build A Furnace For Refined Ingots

improved furnace crafting recipe for Refined Ore in Palworld.

Available from the Technology menu at level 34, the Furnace is used to get Refined Ingots in Palworld. It requires 100x Stone, 30x Cement, and 15x Flame Organs. Stone is easily obtainable, while Cement is crafted from Bone, Stone, and Pal fluid. Bones are sourced from Pals like Anubis, Bushi, Vixy, Maraith, Verdash, etc., and Pal Fluids from killing water-type Pals. Flame Organs are gathered from fire-type Pals like Foxparks.

Once the Improved Furnace is set up, crafting Refined Ingots involves:

  • Placing 2x Ore and 2x Coal in the furnace.
  • Assigning a Pal with Kindling Work attributes can be helpful for smelting large quantities.

How To Use Refined Ingots In Palworld

Refined Ingots are integral for crafting various structures, tools, weapons, and even clothing, especially in the later stages of the game. Some key items that require Refined Ingots include:

  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Double-barreled Shotgun, Pump-action Shotgun, Single-shot Rifle, etc.
  • Ammo: Assault Rifle Ammo, Rifle Ammo, Shotgun Shells.
  • Armor: Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor, Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor, Refined Metal Armor.
  • Tools: Refined Metal Axe, Pickaxe, Spear.
  • Gadgets: Electric Cooler, Electric Heater, Electric Kitchen, Electric Medicine Workbench.
  • Advanced Structures: Electric Furnace, Giga Glider, Giga Grappling Gun, Hyper Grappling Gun, Lily’s Spear, Production Assembly Line 2, Refrigerator, Sphere Assembly 2, Ultra Spheres, Weapon Assembly Line 2.

Players are advised to focus on mining Ore and setting up automated farms for resources, ensuring a smooth transition to crafting items that require regular and Refined Ingots. You can use our detailed guide on how to build an automated ore farm to get started.

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