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In the latest version 2.7 of Genshin Impact, some new quests are introduced, and to complete these quests new materials are required. Most of these quests involve decoration and improvising furniture with certain dyes. This guide will share information on how to get Red Dye In Genshin Impact.

Materials Required To Make Red Dye

  • Sunsettias x1
  • Carrots x1
  • Valberries x1

Location Of Materials To Make Red Dye: These plants are located beyond Mondstadt and in Strombearer Mountains.


How To Get Red Dye In Genshin Impact

After getting hold of all the materials still, you cannot craft red dye. You need to follow these steps to get hold of red dye:

  1. Attain adventure rank twenty-eight
  2. Finish the quest Liyue Archon
  3. After the second step, complete the quest “A Teapot to Call Home.”
  4. Finishing the quest mentioned in two and three will unravel Serenitea Pot
  5. Chat with teapot spirit, The Tubby, and tap “Create Furnishing.”
  6. Lastly, click the bottle icon at the right of the screen to craft Red Dye

After following these steps in a sequence, you can make Red Dye in Genshin Impact. It is mainly used for crafting furniture and cosmetics in Genshin. Not only for furniture but it is also used as a material to finish some quests in Genshin.