Many players have been looking for ways to hoard Quarried Stone, and it isn’t very clear how to find Quarried Stone. One thing to note about Quarried Stone is that it can’t be bought and can only be found. There are multiple places to find Quarried Stone, but two locations are the most common. In this guide, we will discuss the most common Quarried Stone locations but about explain where to find Quarried Stone all around the map.

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Where to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Quarried Stone: At Drafting Table & Carpenter Workshops

The most common place to find Quarried Stone, among other primary materials, is at the drafting table and carpenter’s workshops at homesteads. Homesteads have chests near them that have all the materials one needs to build a basic house. There is usually enough quarried per one house to work on a mediocre project. However, you can be clever and gather quarried stones from different homesteads that you find and then use all of them to build one main house.

Quarried Stone Through Mining

Mining is the only other way to get it if you’ve collected all of the Quarried Stones from the homestead chests. The mining nodes for Quarried Stone can be challenging for some to locate, but if you look long enough, you’ll find dozens of them in the Skyrim map.

The first locations for mining Quarried Stone should be near homesteads. If you head to the Lakeview Manor, you’ll find a Quarry where you can mine Quarried Stone. In the Windstad Manor, you’ll find an Anvil, next to it is a Quarried Stone.

Once you deplete the homesteads and mines near them, we suggest you head to the Battle-Born Farm or Embershard Mine for your next mining location. These places have an unlimited supply of Quarried Stone that refills every few days. However, always bring along a Pickaxe for mining.

Other Quarried Stone Locations

LocationsWhere to Find
Battle-Born Farm, WhiterunBehind the farm in the rock face.
WinterholdBehind the Jarl’s longhouse.
Whitewatch TowerBuilding with the roofed tower near the banner on the side.
Bilegulch MineCheck the left side area of the entrance.
Black-Briar LodgeBehind the lodge opposite from the guard tower.
Darkwater CrossingBehind the boxes near the smelter.
Dragon BridgeNorth-west of the Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp
DawnstarThe melter near the Iron Breaker Mine.
Embershard MineCheck the left side of the entrance.
Hlaalu FarmIn the wheat field near the grindstone.
IvarsteadCheck behind Narfi’s rundown shack.
Katla’s FarmCheck behind the goat pen.
KynesgroveCheck behind the inn.
MorthalCheck behind the guardhouse near the Swamp Fungal Pod.
RiverwoodCheck behind the Sleeping Giant Inn and then behind Faendal’s House.
Sacellum of BoethiahThe path that leads upward.
Shor’s StoneCheck the path between Sylgja’s House and the mine entrance.
RoriksteadBehind the chicken nests near the wheatfield.
PinewatchCheck southwest of the Shrine of Talos.
Northwind MineRight of the lower entrance.
Markarthcheck over the left side mine.
KarthwastenNear the entrance of Sanuarach Mine, check behind the miner’s barracks.
Hall of the VigilantGo southwest of Dawnstar in the Pale and check at the bottom of the path that goes toward the house on the right.
Half-Moon MillCheck behind the uncut lumber on the east side.
FalkreathLook at the rock face behind the Falkreath Barracks.

How to Use Quarried Stone

The primary use of Quarried Stone is in building the three leading houses: the Heljarchen Hall in The Pale, Lakeview Manor in Falkreath, and Windstad Manor in Hjaalmarch. When you reach homestead properties, you’ll find small areas and corners where drafting tables, crafting chests, and workbenches are found. This is where you primarily use your Quarried Stone to work on blueprints or certain upgrades.

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