Q-Force armor set, like others, contains three pieces in total. Each piece of this armor is found on a different planet and can be extremely beneficial in certain situations as it decreases the damage you take from enemies. This is a guide that will help you in getting Q-Force Armor Set if you have not already got it.

Q-Force Helmet Piece

To get the Q-Force helmet, you need to go to the Debris field on Scarstu. You will have to enter a pocket dimension 78-89-50, where hover platforms are sliding horizontally after a short period. This makes it difficult to cross this area, but the harder the way, the bigger the prize.

You will see the Q-Force helmet far away on a floating surface. You will need to reach that platform to get hold of the Q-Force helmet, and you will need to time your jumps so you don’t fall and restart from the very start. After you have reached the platform, you need to go closer to the hologram projection and you will be rewarded with a Q-Force helmet.

Q-Force Chest Armor Piece

To get the Q-Force chest armor piece, you need to go to Viceron. You can go there while doing the Zordoom Prison Escape. You will see the Q-Force chest armor piece in a cell on the left side of Ratchet’s holding cell. You need to jump on top of the boxes and reach the second floor. This is where this armor piece is located, you just need to go closer to the Vest in the cell to pick it up.

Q-Force Boots

get Q-Force boots, you need to go to the Blizar prime. These boots are located in the Blizon Mines. You just need to make your way on top of the platform, where these boots are located. Go towards the purple crystal and hit it, this will take you into another dimension. Now, it is possible to reach this armor piece in this dimension. In this dimension, you need to make your way towards the crystal, in which the hologram is embedded. After you hit this crystal, you will be brought back to the main dimension and you will be on top of the platform. You can now collect the boots from here.

These were all three armor pieces of Q-Force that you can collect in Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart. After you have collected all three pieces and equipped them, incoming damage from Goons-4-Less will be reduced by 20%.

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