How to Get PSI Points Fast in Biomutant

How to Get PSI Points Fast in Biomutant

Among the various elements of Biomutant is something called Psi Powers. These powers aka mutations are unlocked through the Psi Points. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get Psi Points in Biomutant.

Biomutant: How to Get More Psi Points Fast

There are two types of mutations in Biomutant; Psi and Biogenetics. To unlock Biogenetics you need Bio Points while Psi Power unlocks require Psi Points.

There are two ways to get Psi Points in Biomutant; you can earn them by making certain dialogue choices in the game or interacting with shrines, captives, and civilians. Keep in mind that some Psi Powers require a specific light or dark Aura score to unlock.

Aura Score is directly tied to Psi Points. If you go to the Psi Powers tab you will see that certain powers require light while others require dark Aura to unlock. Even if you have enough Psi Points to unlock the power, you need to fulfill the Aura requirement as well.

Light or dark Aura is earned through making good or harmful choices in the game. Help people to earn a light aura or join the dark side to get a dark aura.

The best way to earn Psi Points is by finding Shrines. They are usually found in every small town and village. Some shrines offer more Psi Points compared to others. Interact with the Shrines to earn the Psi Points.

That’s the end of our Psi Points guide. If you need more help, see Gear Bits farming, character classes.

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