How to Get Prawn Suit in Subnautica: Below Zero

The Prawn Suit is a vehicle item in Subnautica: Below Zero and is used to explore the deepest of oceans and seas. The Prawn in Prawn Suit stands for Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit as it is used for deep exploration of the seas and oceans in Subnautica: Below Zero. This guide shows how you can obtain this wonderful ride.

Subnautica: Below Zero Prawn Suit

The Prawn Suit is rechargeable and can explode after its power is consumed and goes down to zero percent. So, remember to recharge it at the Seatruck Docking Module. You can also go to Moonpool and recharge it there.

To get the Prawn Suit up and running, you will need a blueprint for it and the Prawn Suits Fragments. There are four fragments for the Prawn Suit, which can be found at the following locations.

  • Koppa Mining Site
  • Mercury II Bow
  • Outpost Zero
  • Phi Excavation Site

All these spots have the fragments for the Prawn Suit, which can be scanned to obtain the blueprint for the Prawn Suit and can be crafted using a Computer Chip, Power Cell, Plasteel Ingot, and Enameled Glass.

You can use the Seatruck with the Depth Module MK1 to gain the Prawn Suits Fragments. After reaching the Koppa Mining Site, you will have to go down towards the seafloor, but not too far from the surface, you will notice a lava outburst, which will eventually get cleared out and you can continue towards and wait a few seconds for another lava geyser to get cleared out and get dormant.

You have reached the mining site by now and you can search for the fragments of Prawn Suit here, and they could be in different locations, which is why we can’t tell exactly where you need to look for each fragment.

After you have collected all the fragments and obtained the blueprint, you can easily craft the Prawn Suit in Subnautica: Below Zero. Feel free to check out our detailed Subnautica: Below Zero wiki guides.

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