In the Star Wars universe, Jedi are known for their unique clothing, which includes a long, flowing robe called a “Jedi robe.” However, in certain situations, a Jedi might find a poncho to be a useful addition to their wardrobe. However, in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, a Poncho is nothing more than a customization item.

Jedi Survivor offers players numerous clothing options to customize Cal with, allowing them to create dozens of unique looks. However, if they prefer to stick with a classic option, they can always go back to the dependable Poncho.

The Poncho is a customization item you can get in Jedi Survivor and while it serves only as a cosmetic, it looks does look really good on Cal. Moreover, it is an easter egg for the Oggdo Bogdo meme. In this guide, I will break down the prices of getting the Poncho in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Get the Poncho

You will find the Poncho in Fort Kah’Lin on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. There are multiple enemies in the area and once you clear them all, find the Meditation Point to create a respawn point for yourself. Inside Fort Kah’Lin, you will find the Spawn of Oggdo legendary beast who’s your only source of getting the Poncho.

Yes, you have to beat the Spawn of Oggdo to get the Poncho in Jedi Survivors.

this is how and where you find the poncho in star wars jedi survivor.

Spawn of Oggdo Location

To find this legendary beast you need to go straight from Meditation Point and reach the higher ground. Look for the area where there are enemies around each corner. Clear them all and go to the walkway that leads to more enemies.on the rooftop. This rooftop will collapse into the secret boss room of the Spawn of Oggdo.

How to Defeat the Spawn of Oggdo

We have already done a detailed guide on this boss fight so check that out.

To beat the Spawn of Oggdo you need to be less offensive and more defensive. He has multiple unblockable attacks including the charge and bite attacks. Single Light Saber is the best stance against this boss but you can also do the Crossguard if you’d like. You can counter his attacks by jumping into him and doing a flip in the air or stepping sideways to avoid the bite. The boss does get progressively aggressive as it starts to lose HP. Again, follow the link above for our in-depth guide that explains every part of the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight.

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