Well, now that a new Pokemon game is out on Nintendo Switch and Mobile, the very first question we have on our mind is can you recruit Pickahu in Pokemon Cafe Mix? The answer is yes! You can get Pickachu is Pokemon Cafe Mix and in this guide, we will explain how to get him on your team.


How to Recruit Pichaku in Pokemon Cafe Mix

The more you play Pokemon Cafe Mix the further you will progress, complete levels, and get yourself Friendship Stars. You can use the Friendship Stars to get a ton of new Pokemon and while the majority of Pokemon from Cafe Mix are earned in-game by using the Friendship Stars, the story of Pikachu is different. When it comes to Pickachu you can only get him by one of the following methods.

Method #1: Go to the in-game app store and get yourself the Pickachu Special Pack for $4.99. The bundle includes our very own Pickachu, Skill Plus Bonus, Megaphone Maker, and 4900 Golden Scorns.

Method #2:  The second method is limited time only but it is free of cost. You need to log-into the game every day for the next 5 days as part of the game’s grand-opening ceremony to get Pikachu for free in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

Pikachu Specialty and Cafe Skills

Pikachu has a specialty, it sweets and he comes with his own Cafe Skill as well. The Cafe Skill helps clear surrounding icons and triggers Megaphones created in place of the icons.

  • Max Friendship: Level 2
  • Full Skill Gauge: 60
  • Extra Moves: 0
  • Extra Time: 5.0s
  • Megaphone Grants: 35 Links
  • Megaphone Amount: 1
  • Score Multiplier: ×1.00

Pikachu is a beloved character from the Pokemon franchise and locking him behind a pay-wall is not the best decision. However, the popularity of this Pokemon means a pay-wall wouldn’t stop fans from getting their hands on Pikachu in Pokemon Cafe Mix. If you are looking for more help with Pokemon Cafe Mix for Nintendo Switch and Mobile, check out the Wiki page.