How to Get Photographic Evidence in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion photographic evidence

Watch Dogs Legion puts you in the shoes of a DedSec operative that wants to liberate London. The goal is to get rid of Albion, the evil corporation that took over the city. The entire map is divided into different sections and areas such as Camden and the City of Westminster. Each of these areas can be liberated by completing certain objectives including taking photographic evidence. In this quick guide, we will explain how to get photographic evidence in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Get Photographic Evidence

To get photographic evidence in Watch Dogs Legion you need to access the weapons wheel and select camera mode. Keep in mind that you need to access the camera mode, do not confuse it with photo mode. With camera mode activated, stand in front of the red camera icon and take a picture.

Most of the evidence you select is inside restricted areas so the best way to enter such areas is through a construction worker. Use the construction workers drone to ride to the top of restricted buildings. Often you will come across areas closed off with red laser-like equipment and if you step inside it, an alarm will trigger. However, you can use your AR Cloak to walk right through such areas without being spotted.

Using a construction worker’s drone is merely a suggestion. If you want to use any other DedSec operative to liberate areas. Once you clear an oppressed area, the fog of war will clear and you’ll be able to clearly see more objectives, collectibles, and other side activities. You will also see Tech points without zooming into each area. But the best part of liberating an oppressed section of the map is that you get a skilled operative for your Team in Watch Dogs Legion.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get photographic evidence in Watch Dogs Legion.

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