How to Get Pets in Among Us – Unlock Pets, Skins, Hats

Among Us pets

Players can customize their characters in Among Us. One of the ways to do this is to get pets in Among Us. These pets are little creatures that follow the players around. There are a ton of pets, skins, and hats available to unlock. In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock pets in Among Us. We will also share the details you need to unlock skins and hats.

How to Get Pets, Skins, and Hats in Among Us

There are three types of cosmetic items in Among Us. These items are used to change your overall appearance. However, pets have no visible impact on your appearance on Among Us. Pets simply follow the player around the map. Some of the pets in the game are free while others are paid, it also depends on which platform are you using.

Pet  Cost 
Bedcrab (Purple and orange)  $2.99 
Bedcrab (Brown)  $2.99 
Brainslug (Green)  $2.99 
Brainslug (UFO)  $2.99 
Hamster (Blue)  $2.99 
Hamster (Brown, in ball)  $2.99 
Mini Crewmate (White)  $2.99 
Mini Crewmate (Wall-E)  $2.99 
Stickmin (Henry)  $2.99 
Stickmin (Ellie)  $2.99 

Among Us Skins and Hats

Hat (Skins, if included)  Cost (USD) 
Party Hat  Free 
Toilet Paper  Free 
Flat Cap  Free 
Pompadour  Free 
Plunger  Free 
Safari Hat  Free 
Sheriff Hat  Free 
Backwards Cap Hat  Free 
Ski Goggles Hat  Free 
Black Fedora Hat  Free 
Banana Hat  Free 
Beanie Hat  Free 
Medical Mask  Free 
Bear Ears Hat  Free 
Cheese Hat  Free 
Apple Hat  Free 
Green Fedora Hat  Free 
Egg Hat  Free 
Flamingo Hat  Free 
Flower Hat  Free 
Knight Helmet  Free 
Plant Hat  Free 
Sun Hat  Free 
2019 Yellow Party Hat (Holidays)  Free 
Cat Head Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Bat Ears Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Knife Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Mohawk (Halloween)  Free 
Devil Horns Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Hockey Mask (Halloween)  Free 
Pirate Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Plague Doctor Mask (Halloween)  Free 
Pumpkin Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Paper Bag Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Witch Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Wolf Ears Hat (Halloween)  Free 
Astronaut (Includes Hat)  $1.99 
Brain Slug  $0.99 
Bush Hat  $0.99 
Captain (Includes Hat)  $1.99 
Double Top Hat  $0.99 
Flowerpot Hat  $0.99 
Goggles  $0.99 
Mechanic (Includes Hat)  $1.99 
Military (Includes Hat)  $1.99 
Paper Hat  $0.99 
Party Hat  $0.99 
Police (Includes Hat)  $1.99 
Stethoscope (Includes Skin)  $1.99 
Suit (Incudes Hat)  $1.99 
Towel Wizard  $0.99 
Ushanka  $0.99 
Viking  $0.99 
Wall Cap (Includes Skin)  $1.99 
White Suit (Includes Hat)  $1.99 

That’s the end of the guide, if you need more help check out the Among Us Wiki.

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