If you’re a Disney’s Dreamlight Valley fan, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on some peridot. Well, wonder no more! Here is a guide on how to get Peridot in Disney Dream light Valley.

Peridot is a gemstone found in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game. The game features many quests that need Peridot to get started, and It also allows you to deepen your friendship with other characters.

Each Peridot is worth 200 Star Coins, while the rarer Shiny Peridots go for 800 Star Coins from Goofy. Consequently, these gems can be sold for a nice profit if you’re lucky enough to find them!

The Peridot gems are not easy to find in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. The only way to get these gems is by mining the rocks, but not just any rocks. Usually, there will be black rocks in between the Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach that have gems near ridges. Therefore, don’t waste time; take your pickaxe and start mining as many rocks as possible. Since having more people will increase your chance of finding rare items, you should ask your friends to help you mine.

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