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How To Get Pal Fluids In Palworld (Best Farming Locations)


Pal Fluids are a multi-purpose resource in Palworld. It is used for crafting and also plays an important role in restoring your Pal’s sanity. The journey to getting PAL Fluids begins with pinpointing the perfect location. Your best bet lies near large water bodies, where creatures that yield PAL fluids are more likely to spawn. Steer clear of cliff areas, as they tend to have lower spawn rates, making your quest unnecessarily challenging. Waterfront locations are your go-to spots to find Pal Fluids.

Use Fast Travel To Reach The Best Pal Fluids Farming Locations Faster

In Palworld, time flies. Fast travel is the cheat code you didn’t know you needed, zipping you to the best spots in no time. It’s all about being efficient and making the most of your gaming session. Use fast travel to reach the best Pal Fluids farming locations on the map. As I suggested, farm near large bodies of water.

best pal fluids farming locations in Palworld.
Suggested locations to farm Pal Fluids.

Once you’ve arrived at the right location, keep your eyes peeled for water creatures known as Pengullets. These special beings are marked with an indicator, known colloquially as “a water thing,” signaling their potential to drop PAL Fluids. Identifying these creatures is crucial to successful harvesting, so pay attention to these markers. These creatures are fidgety so they will run away from you. I suggest using a crossbow or some other long-range weapon to take them down from a distance.

farm Pal Fluid from Pengullets.

Harvesting PAL Fluids: Tame Vs. Kill

With your targets in sight, it’s time to harvest PAL fluids. There are two main approaches:

  • Killing the Creature: This method is straightforward. Defeat the creature, and collect the PAL fluids it drops. Simple, yet effective.
  • Taming the Creature: For those seeking additional benefits, taming the creature using cryo balls, or “pow balls,” is the way to go. Not only do you obtain PAL fluids, but tamed creatures can also be sold or utilized for other in-game advantages, like obtaining the Ice organ.

Taming is generally seen as the more lucrative option, offering the dual benefits of resource gathering and creature trading. To increase your success in taming, carry an ample supply of low-level pal spheres aka pal balls.

Remember, capturing creatures comes with its element of chance. Success rates can vary widely, highlighting the unpredictable nature of taming. Whether it’s a 74% likelihood or a slim 1% chance, each attempt is a gamble. However, most of the time Pegullets are no issue and are easily tameable in Palworld.

Pengullets And Kelpsea Are Best For Farming Pal Fluids

Pengullets and Kelpsea are both low level creatures that can easily be killed or tamed. These two are the best and most reliable source of Pal Fluids in Palworld. The best location to find Kelpsea is shown in the image below:

Kelpsea location in Palworld.

This location has shallow waters which makes it easier to tame or kill Kelpsea for Pal Fluids.

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