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How To Get Optative In Destiny 2 (And Best God Rolls)

The Optative is a Legendary Hand Cannon known for its precision frame, offering a more predictably vertical recoil pattern. Its balanced design and various perks make it a desirable weapon for many players.

Introduced in the Season of the Undying in 2019, Optative quickly became a sought-after weapon. Although initially rare, the Destiny 2 Season of the Wish has brought it back into the loot pool, making it more accessible to players.

Optatives obtained during the Season of the Wish and likely future seasons come with the Origin trait ‘Nano-Munitions’. This unique feature enhances the weapon’s utility in team-based scenarios:

  • Team Synergy: Being near allies incrementally builds up a partial emergency ammo refill.
  • Increased Ammo Availability: The longer you spend near teammates, the more emergency ammo you accumulate for when Optative runs out.

This trait makes the Optative especially useful in collaborative environments such as the Crucible, Trials, and cooperative missions like raids or seasonal activities.

How To Get Optative Hand Cannon In Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

To get your hands on the Optative in Destiny 2, you’ll need to engage with the Wish Weapons Engrams system through the Spirit of Riven, located within the H.E.L.M. This process involves the collection of four Wish Engrams as a form of currency, along with a sum of 3,000 Glimmer, which is the in-game currency required to execute the transaction.

Once you have the necessary engrams and Glimmer, present them to the Spirit of Riven to claim your Optative. This weapon has been part of the game since the Season of the Undying in 2019 and, with the advent of the Season of the Wish, it has returned to the loot pool, offering players another chance to add this powerful hand cannon to their collection.

Optative Hand Cannon Stats

In Destiny 2, the performance of a weapon is largely defined by its stats. The Optative hand cannon boasts a suite of statistics that makes it a contender in the field. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this weapon in terms of statistical performance:

Core Stats

  • Impact: 78 – High impact ensures that each shot packs a substantial punch, making each hit felt by your enemies.
  • Range: 34 – While not the most impressive reach, it is sufficient for mid-range encounters where the Optative shines.
  • Stability: 55 – A moderate stability rating means that with the right handling, you can maintain accuracy across shots.
  • Handling: 55 – This stat reflects the weapon’s responsiveness and ease of control, which is crucial in fast-paced combat scenarios.
  • Reload Speed: 26 – The reload speed is on the lower end, emphasizing the importance of perks like Outlaw to enhance reloading efficiency.

Additional Stats

  • Aim Assistance: 67 – A generous aim assistance value makes it easier to land shots, particularly useful in the Crucible.
  • Zoom: 14 – The zoom level affects how much the weapon magnifies your view; at 14, it offers a balanced field of view for close to mid-range combat.
  • Airborne Effectiveness: 10 – This newer stat reflects the weapon’s handling and accuracy while the wielder is airborne, a scenario often encountered in Destiny 2’s dynamic battles.

Intrinsic Traits

  • Precision Frame: This trait is intrinsic to the Optative, meaning it naturally offers a more predictably vertical recoil pattern, and it allows for quick firing with high accuracy.

Rate of Fire and Magazine

  • Rounds Per Minute: 180 – A higher fire rate for hand cannons, allowing for rapid follow-up shots.
  • Magazine: 12 – The magazine size is decent, granting you enough rounds to engage multiple enemies or to sustain fire in prolonged engagements.

Recoil Direction

  • Recoil Direction: 97 – A high recoil direction stat indicates that the weapon’s kick is more vertical, which is more predictable and manageable during continuous fire.

Best God Rolls For Optative In Destiny 2

For maximizing the Optative’s effectiveness, especially in PvP, consider the following configurations:

  1. Barrel – Hammer-Forged Rifling: Boosts range by +10, extending the weapon’s effectiveness over distances.
  2. Magazine – Accurized Rounds: Another +10 to range, further enhancing long-range accuracy.
  3. Trait 1 – Kill Clip: Reloading after a kill grants a significant damage boost, perfect for chaining kills in PvP.
  4. Trait 2 – Outlaw: Precision kills drastically reduce reload time, keeping you ready for continuous action.

While this build is primarily tailored for PvP, the general buffs to hand cannons make it a viable choice for PvE scenarios as well. And that’s it; but before you go, don’t forget to check out our guide on Week #1 Starcat locations in Season of the Wish.

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