Oil is a very important resource, as it is necessary to produce various items in Victoria 3. Knowing where your country’s oil is coming from is crucial, as different countries have varying amounts. To make things more convenient for you, this guide will tell you where you can import and export oil in Victoria 3.

Where To Find Oil In Victoria 3

Location Country Amount of Oil
1 Alberta 50
2 Azerbaijan 60
3 Basra 60
4 California 60
5 Kuban 30
6 La Paz 30
7 Libyan Desert 30
8 Mosul 50
9 Nenetsia 30
10 Oklahoma 20
11 Ontario 40
12 Pennsylvania 36
13 East Borneo 60
14 East Java 20
15 Elbe 30
16 Fars 60
17 Friesland 30
18 Hanover 30
19 Chubu 30
20 Kansas 20
21 Río Grande 50
22 Samara 30
23 Santa Cruz 30
24 Saratov 60
25 Shanxi 30
26 Texas 50
27 Trucial Coast 40
28 Uralsk 60
29 Wallachia 60
30 West Galícia 36
31 Zulia 60

How to Get Oil in Victoria 3

Now you know where to find the oil, and what’s next? How do you obtain oil? Let’s answer these questions.

  • Whaling Stations: The most basic way to get oil is to construct a whaling station. Even though these stations only provide a limited amount of oil, they have 20%-30% worker mortality rates. Consequently, you will need to spend money on employee rehabilitation or face the risk of an uprising.
  • Oil Rigs: Although oil rigs are more efficient than whaling stations, their building costs, unfortunately, make them unattainable: pumpjacks technology with 60 oil per level, 5x engines, and 10x coal. If we could build these rigs, the process would be automated.

Which Factors To Consider While Checking The Oil in Victoria 3

There are two factors to consider when checking your oil in Victoria 3:

A Country Without Oil

If your country does not have oil, go to the Trade Lens menu> Import Trade Routes tab. You will find a tooltip with more detailed information about available resources and regions in the game.

A Country with Oil

If you’re already in a country that produces oil, find “Market” and click on it. Then, press the two cogs (tab) buttons to open “Industrial Goods.” At this point, locate the “Grey Canister,” which is how you’ll gain access to the oil. Clicking on this button will provide all details about the oil, including its production unit location. Follow the green color spots as they’ll guide you straight to where the unit is located.

The “Price Display” button filters things, for example, tracking the progress of raw materials from their original spot to production and consumption. To learn more about the import/export router, press the button at the bottom menu.

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