As a responsible player in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s up to you to make sure your villagers don’t go hungry. In the “Save the Village” quest, you’ll need to cook recipes to do just that.


The Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game, but the villagers will behave like real people. As a result, they must consume food to replenish their energies. To feed the people, you should experiment with new recipes.

The benefits of trying new recipes are threefold:

  • Each recipe has its own unique star profile.
  • The more stars a recipe has, the more energy people will get from it.
  • The more you feed Disney characters, the stronger your friendship bond will be.

However, the high-ranked stars profile recipes are expensive.

Here’s how you can get new recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley from the one chef who always knows best – Remy.

Visit Chez Remy: Visit Chez Remy to access the restaurant and try out the new recipes. Experimentation is the key to learning new recipes. Therefore it’s important to try different ingredients. Whenever you add a new ingredient to the recipe, the Remy feedback will tell you whether you are doing it right or wrong.

Negative feedback means that it’s a typical recipe with a lower start rating and positive feedback means a more advanced or rarer one with a higher rating.

Note: The more ingredients you pick up, the more recipes you’ll unlock.

Completing Quests: As you finish quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, more recipes become available to you. In other words, the more persistence you show, your reward will be greater.

Dig Areas: Another way to unlock new recipes is exploration. However, it will not work in every area. Only the areas with glow will give your new recipes. You’ll most likely discover the recipes by searching through the furniture.