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How to Get NAB Sack in Hogwarts Legacy (Easy Way)


Gold farming in Hogwarts Legacy is crucial to your progress, and the unlimited gold farming method we wrote about earlier depends on you getting the NAB Sack. This small bag lets you capture creatures in the game and then sell them to Brood and Peck for Gold. Since this method relies on the NAB Sack, it is only logical to explain where to find the NAB Sack in Hogwarts Legacy. The process is simple; you must complete The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom to get the NAB Sack.

The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom Walkthrough

The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom are one of the main quests in the game, which means it is not missable. You must be at least level 15 and have completed The Heml of Urtkot quest to play it. Go to the Room of Requirements and speak with Deek to acquire this quest. Both of you will leave the room and reach a Puffskein den, where Deek will explain how the NAB Sack works.

Assign the NAB Sack to your spell wheel, and then use the sack to rescue a Puffskein. It is a relatively simple process: aim at a Puffskein, wait until the circle is complete, and press the on-screen button.

Return to Deek, who will now ask you to capture a Jobberknoll. These flying creatures can be fairly elusive, so using Leviosa on them is effective. Once you have slowed a Jobberknoll down with Leviosa, switch to the Nab-sack, and complete the QTE to capture it. Your next task is to catch a Mooncalf that only appears at night. Switch to night, cast Leviosa on a Mooncalf, and use the Nab-sack to capture it. Remember that you can always cast Accio on a Mooncalf to pull it closer to you.

Once you have captured all three creatures, return to the Room of Requirement and step inside the Vivarium. Inside the Vivarium, open the Beast Management menu and select three creatures you just captured. At this point, you need to Brush and Feed all three creatures to receive these items in return:

  • Mooncalf Fur
  • Puffskein Fur
  • Jobberknoll Feather

With these items collected, speak with Deek to receive a spell for conjuring an Enchanted Loom. Exit the Vivarium into the Room of Requirement, select the Enchanted Loom from the ‘Utility’ menu, and place it wherever you see fit. You will need to have 8 Moonstones to do so.

To complete the quest, add a Trait to a piece of gear. Adding a Trait to a piece of gear will add a secondary stat. Or upgrade a pre-existing one. Once you have selected a Trait that you prefer, weave it, and upgrade it once. After that, report to Deek to complete The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom in Hogwarts Legacy.

Also, note that you can rescue additional creatures at Beast Dens and unlock new Talents from Bandit Camps.

How to Use the NAB Sack

The NAB Sack can capture various creatures; you must get close enough and press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation to capture. Some beasts will run away if they are spooked from seeing you, while others will attack sight. The best way to deal with both situations is to wear the invisibility cloak to get close to them and then use the NAB Sack.

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