How to Get Mud And Sand In The Survivalists

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Mud is an important resource for crafting and unfortunately, both Mud and Sand aren’t available initially. Interestingly, players can’t craft mud for themselves but, they have to find it. In our The Survivalists guide, we will help players with how they can get the Mud and Sand.

How To Get Mud And Sand

The Survivalists requires players to explore and craft. Players will find a blueprint tree in the building and crafting system. Before players can get mud and sand, they first need tools which can be crafted after they have built the crafting bench.

Players start with a simple hand axe in the Survivalists. Once players craft the first tool, other basic tools will unlock. In the blueprint tree, players need to build a bed and fire pit and after that, players can build the crafting bench, and it has a crafting tree of its own.

Players first need to craft large placement items and simple tools in order to get Mud and Sand. To get Mud, players need to craft a shovel at the crafting bench and the materials required for it are easily available. Mud can be dug in the Grasslands which is an open, grassy area. Dig into the grass and players will get mud.

As for the sand, it can be found at the beach. Just dig at any sandy area on the beach and you’ll get sand.

That is all for our The Survivalists Guide with tips on how to How to get mud and sand. For more on the game, also see our How To Get The Sail and How To Get Glowing Rocks.

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