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How to Get More VC in NBA 2K22


VC is the virtual currency in NBA 2k22 and is an important asset for players. Players can collect and spend this currency on various in-game items. VC assists you in buying player cards, and some other stuff. This guide will help you know about the ways that you can gain VC in NBA 2k22.

NBA 2K22: How to Get VC Fast

The easiest way to get VC is by completing base missions. This method allows you to gain a substantial amount of VC depending upon the nature of the mission. The difficulty and some other factors of the mission are essential in rewarding you with a suitable amount of VC.

You can also participate in Pro-Am games, which reward a ton of VC. This is the most preferable way of farming VC. You can play these games by creating a team of your own or joining a team already made. After you are placed in a team, you can compete in matches of 3v3 or 3v5 compositions. The amount of VC that you will get depends on the rating of your teammates.

Another way of earning a good number of VC is through Daily rewards, such as logging into the game would reward you something. This method is not the most effective method of getting VC as you won’t get enough of it by the end of the day. You can, however, place bets on the Ante Up courts. This is arguably the best way of getting VC but you will have the same chances of losing money as well.

Rec mode is also a good way of earning free VC, as you will get to play against real players and compete with them in matches and perform well to gain VC.

Players can also get different sponsorships, and this is a passive way to earn VC. You might also be able to obtain VC by purchasing it through the real-life money in the application which is set to launch soon. These are all the packages:

  • $ 1.99 for 5000 VC
  • $ 4.99 for 15000 VC
  • $ 9.99 for 35000 VC
  • $ 19.99 for 75000 VC
  • $ 49.99 for 200000 VC
  • $ 99.99 for 450000 VC

This is all that there is to know about getting VC in NBA 2k22.

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