How to Get More TemCards in Temtem – Free Pick Up Locations, And More

Temtem temcards

TemCards control one of the primary gameplay mechanics of Temtem. The cards are used to capture and tame Temtem. According to the lore of the game, before TemCards were invented tamed creatures had to be carried everywhere. However, Professor Victor and Dr. Sasaya invented the cards as a way to ease the pain of carrying Temtem from place to place. But how to get TemCards, well, in our TemCards article today we will answer this very question.

How To Get More TemCards

When you started the game and meet Professor Konstantinos, you immediately get 6 TemCards. Since each card can only hold one Temtem, and max carrying capacity is 6, all additional tamed Temtem will automatically go to Temporiums where you can access them.  Speaking of Temporiums, there are 9 different locations of Temporiums where you can buy more TemCards for 15 each, but if you sell one it only goes for 10, Temporium is the GameStop of Temtem, right?

  • Prasine Coast
  • Briçal de Mar
  • Arissola
  • The Gifted Bridges
  • Sillaro River
  • Turquesa
  • Nanga
  • Mokupuni
  • The Hangroad

All of the above-listed locations have at least one Temporium. You can buy more Temtem Temcards easily but there are a couple of locations where you can simply find them for free. If you go to Thalassian Cliffs, there are 2 TemCards in the grass next to the Galeazoo. Another pickup location is at Aguamarina Caves where 3 TemCards are on the first floor in an item box next to the beach coast and Cave Explorer.

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