Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world RPG that puts you in the shoes of Jin Sakai. As he fights off invading Mongols he needs to rank up his skills and abilities as well. In Ghost of Tsushima you need Technique Points to boost Jin’s skills and abilities. In this guide, we will take you through the process of getting more Technique Points.


Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get Technique Points

There is a system called “Legend” that helps you rank up in the game. Increase your Legend and you will earn more Technique Points. You can open the menu and check the Techniques section to view Stances or open the map screen to check the amount of you have. Legend is basically a reputation system that allows you to earn more Technique Points. There are multiple methods you can use to get more Technique Points.

Liberate Camps and Forts

One of the best ways to earn more Technique Points is to complete Camps and Forts. You can find Camps and Forts all over the island. Master the combat system before you enter these locations. It is best to use stealth and pick off enemies to clear Camps and Forts. Once you beat Camps and Forts Jin will earn Technique Points to invest in skills and abilities.

Complete Main and Side Quest

This an obvious method but it is quite effective. Simply playing the story and keeping an eye out for side activities will help you earn more points in Ghost of Tsushima. Side quests in Ghost of Tsushima are called Tales of Tsushima so don’t get confused by that. Completing the main and side missions is a great way to get Technique Points.


Complete World Events

In addition to main and side quests, Ghost of Tsushima offers random world activities. These world activities are a great way to earn Technique Points in Ghost of Tsushima. World events include both combat situations and simple fetch quests. Some also offer opportunities to grab hidden chests.

Win Standoffs

Good performance in combat situations will help you get more points. We have plenty of tips to win Standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima. Simply take down the Mongols you see in the open world or clear Mongol infested areas.

Once you have enough points to invest, go to the main menu, and open the Techniques Tab. Choose the Technique you want to invest in and press and hold X on your PS4 controller. There are multiple abilities in each Technique you can invest in but you can also mix and match Techniques to craft your own unique playstyle.


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