In Terra Nil, leaves serve as the game’s primary currency and resource, enabling players to install and unlock various tools necessary for restoring the map. Managing leaves effectively is crucial for success, as running out could result in restarting the map. This comprehensive guide will teach you strategies and techniques to maximize your leaf earnings in Terra Nil, ensuring that you have a steady supply of this valuable resource throughout the game.

How to Get More Leaves

Maximizing Leaf Earnings in Terra Nil

Leaves are the backbone of Terra Nil’s gameplay, allowing players to deploy tools and unlock new ones as they progress. In this guide, we’ll explore the most efficient ways to earn leaves and ensure you never run out of this essential resource.

Generating Leaves Through Greenery

The primary method of earning leaves in Terra Nil is by cultivating greenery on the map. The more greenery you grow, the more leaves you’ll accumulate from your tools. To begin, you’ll need to clean the dull soil using a Toxin Scrubber. Once the soil is purified, you can start planting greenery to increase your leaf count.

Utilizing the Irrigator

The Irrigator is the key tool for earning leaves in Terra Nil. Place it on cleaned soil, and it will cost 50 leaves to deploy. To maximize its effectiveness, rotate the Irrigator using the R button and mouse wheel to find the optimal position for greenery growth. You’ll see the total number of greenery tiles increase as you adjust their placement, so experiment with different positions for the best results.

Optimizing Greenery Growth

To further boost your greenery growth and leaf earnings, use multiple Toxin Scrubbers to clean more soil on the map. Then, deploy Irrigators to cultivate greenery in the newly cleaned areas. If there’s a canal on the map, consider placing a Water Pump near it to generate water flow. This will also contribute to greenery growth on the first tiles of the canal, providing you with even more leaves.

That’s everything you need to know on how to earn more leaves in Terra Nil. We have more guides that you might like including How to Unlock Tools and How to Clean Soil.

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