If you are looking to expand your crime empire you need to gather as much intel as possible in Evil Genius 2. However, intel is something that isn’t as much to get your hands on. Hence, our guide today explains everything you need to know on how to get more intel in Evil Genius 2.


Evil Genius 2: How to Get More Intel

As far as we can tell, there are two main ways to get more intel in Evil Genius 2:

  1. Computer Consoles
  2. Agents

Computer Consoles

If are looking for the most basic way to get additional intel in the game, use Computer Consoles. The consoles must be run by a Scientist so they can generate intel for your world domination. A small amount of intel is generated every hour, it’s not much but you can still use it to get the job done and over time you get enough intel to form new schemes.


Agents are annoying and cause a lot of trouble in Evil Genius 2. However, they are also the source of intel for you. If you identify and capture an agent, interrogate them to get more intel. The agents you interrogate will eventually die but before they do, you will have enough intel on your hands.

And that’s how you get more intel in the game. Need more help? See how to distract agents.