How to Get More ETO in Watch Dogs Legion; Farming Tips and Tricks

Watch Dogs Legion ETO

ETO is the primary currency in Watch Dogs Legion. You can use ETO to upgrade weapons and gadgets, get customization items, and much more. There are multiple ways to farm ETO in Watch Dogs Legion. Here’s a quick guide that explains how to get more ETO in Watch Dogs Legion. Learn everything you need to know below.

How to Get More ETO in Watch Dogs Legion

Getting more ETO is done through the following methods. You can use all of the methods mentioned below to get more ETO in Watch Dogs Legion.

Complete Main and Side Missions

The obvious way to get more ETO is to complete main and side missions. Depending on the number of objectives and how you perform in the mission, the amount of ETO you get varies in Legion. There are a ton of side quests and main missions for you in the game, however, do not ignore side missions if you are farming for ETO.

Complete Recruitment Missions

The second easiest way to farm ETO in Watch Dogs Legion is to recruit members for DedSec. You can recruit up to 60 people, however, only 20 can be active agents at a time. Actives agents are the ones you can swap and make playable characters. You can start recruitment missions to farm ETO. Such missions are small and usually have only one objective.

Hack ATM Machines

The easiest way to get more ETO is by hacking/hijacking ATM machines. You get somewhere between 39 to 50 ETO per machine. However, you will usually find 4-5 machines in the same place so it is not uncommon to get around 200-250, etc from one bank location.

Play Mini-Games

The last but not least, you can play mini-games to get ETO in Watch Dogs. Some examples of mini-games include Darts and Kick-up. Perform well in mini-games to get more ETO, it is a great farming method.

Look for Hackable ETO on the Map

There are ETO icons on the map, a ton of them in fact. You can simply go to the ETO icons and locate a small gadget that’s usually sitting on a bench or on a ledge somewhere. Hack the gadget to get a good amount of ETO in Watch Dogs Legion. Open the map and zoom in to expose the ETO markers in different sections of London.

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