Fortnite Chapter 2 saw a number of new additions in recent times. We have the Winterfest event going on and there is Star Wars-themed items available in Fortnite Chapter 2. It is a great time to be a Fortnite player. One of the Star Wars items you can get in Fortnite is the Millenium Falcon Glider.


The items may not last that long it is best to get your hands on the Millenium Falcon Glider as soon as possible. In our Millenium Falcon Glider guide, we will share the details on how to get the Millenium Falcon Glider. Please leave a comment if you find this guide helpful.

How To Get Millenium Falcon Glider In Fortnite

The Glider is introduced as part of the ongoing Star Wars event and the good news is that is really easy to get your hands on one of these. Still, if you are here then, of course, it isn’t that easy to figure it out, is it?

In order to get the Millenium Falcon Glider Fortnite players need to click on the snowflake icon next to the Play tab in the top left corner of the screen. From there click on the Visit Lodge button in the bottom right corner to go to the Winterfest Cabin.

When you enter the cabin you will see an old man sitting on the couch and a ton of presents around him. There are so many presents that it is easy to miss the one that matters the most of Star Wars fans.

To your right there will be a Christmas tree and next to the tree is a gift wrapped in blue gift wrap. It is right under the Christmas tree, it is huge, probably the biggest gift there. The gift is shaped like the Millenium Falcon; you can even shake it to hear spaceship sound effects.

Open the package to get your present. Keep in mind that this is your daily present so you won’t be able to open any more presents once you get the Millenium Falcon Glider for your Fortnite Chapter 2 matches.

This marks the end of our Fortnite Chapter 2 How To Get Millenium Falcon Glider guide. If you need more help with Fortnite check out our Fortnite guide section.