Sea of Thieves The Shrouded Deep is a pirate-themed action-adventure game that tasks players with completing various quests and challenges to progress. One of the most powerful opponents that players can encounter in the game is the Megalodon. Megalodons are massive sharks that can easily kill players if they are not careful. To collect a Megalodon Soul, players must first kill a Megalodon.

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This can be done by using powerful weapons such as cannons or by luring the Megalodon into shallow water, where it will be stranded and vulnerable. Once the Megalodon is dead, its soul can be collected and used to unlock powerful upgrades for the player’s ship.

Which is the Best Possible Way to Get Megladon Souls?

The first chapter of the Shrouded Deep adventure is all about collecting Megalodon Souls. Upon completion, you’ll speak with Belle, who will tell you that she needs four unique Souls in total. It’s not an easy task, but it’s doable with effort.

  • First: “Ancient Terror” Soul
  • Second: “Crested Queen” Soul
  • Third: “Hungering One” Soul
  • Fourth: “ShadowMaw” Soul

 Investigate Ritual Table

The Sea of Thrives offers players a wide variety of activities to take part in, from combat to trading to exploration. One such activity is summoning creatures, which can be done by selecting one of the options at a ritual table. Once this is done, Belle will provide you with the equipment you need to summon the creature to the location.

You need to investigate the ritual table thoroughly before beginning the summoning process, as you don’t want to have to repeat any of the steps unnecessarily. With that said, Belle will still provide you with all of the materials and directions you need to reach the island and begin the summoning process.

Find Canon

Belle will give you specific instructions on where to find the cannon and the Summoning Flare. Once you’ve located the cannon, simply place the Flare inside it and wait for the Megalodon to appear. Be prepared for a tough battle, as this massive creature will put up quite a fight. But with a little strategy and perseverance, you and your party should be able to take it down. After defeating the Megalodon, Belle will be most grateful, and you’ll have earned yourself a new ally in the fight against evil.

Defeat Megalodon

After defeating the Megalodon, you and your crew will be able to loot its remains. One item you’ll find is the Effigy, an item that Belle has been looking for. To use the Effigy, one of your crew will need to equip it and then stand near the Megalodon soul, indicated by a green light. Using the Effigy on the soul will allow you to absorb its power, bringing you one step closer to having all four of the ancient beasts’ souls. With Effigy’s power, you’ll be able to better fight against these powerful creatures and protect Belle and your crew.

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