After PUBG, Fortnite, and many other battle royale games we have Escape From Tarkov. It is different from others in its genre, gameplay mechanics and the end goal is different from others. Plus, the game is much more tactical and you need to get a hold of maps to Escape From Tarkov rather than just surviving till the end. In our Escape From Tarkov maps guide, we will discuss how to get maps in this game.

Getting maps is important as they feature important information about various locations including extraction points. If you are new to the game (download) you will wonder how to get maps for each area because unlike other games you start blindly in Tarkov.  You need maps for each location before you go into a match, it makes life much easier for you during your time in Escape From Tarkov.

How and Where to Get Maps in Escape From Tarkov

When playing EFT you can purchase maps. You can not acquire them by playing which is annoying but that’s how the design works. You need to get Roubles, the in-game currency for Escape From Tarkov to get your hands on maps. Maps can help you figure out what are the Extraction Points among other things. They are crucial if you wish to Escape Tarkov.

When you purchase a map in EFT, you get information regarding one location or area. This means that you will have to buy maps for each of the locations on the map full map of Escape From Tarkov. What you need to remember is that maps are required to be in your inventory before you load into the game.

How to Purchase Maps

In order to purchase maps, you need to access the Trading section of the main menu. Location the Therapist and examine her inventory to purchase maps. You need to purchase the maps with Roubles only. You can buy Customs, Woods, and Shoreline Escape From Tarkov maps.

Escape From Tarkov Maps Prices

  • Resort: 9,845 Roubles
  • Woods: 13,355 Roubles
  • Customs: 14,100 Roubles
  • Factory: 16,929 Roubles
  • Shoreline: 20,948 Roubles

Once you decide what maps to buy in Escape From Tarkov you need to drag and drop Roubles to the section where it says you need Roubles to buy the selected item. If you have enough Roubles you will be able to make a successful purchase. You will see a green tick-mark appear. Now, select “Deal” at the top of the page to complete your transaction and get the map.

How to Use the Map

You won’t immediately be able to use the maps but there is nothing to worry about. Once you have the map you can view it in your inventory. If you bought the Customs map you can view in your inventory but there will no marks yet. What you need to do is drag and drop the map in your character’s inventory and load up matches. This marks the end of our Escape From Tarkov Maps guide. Need more help? Check out our guides section.

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