Manaphy and Phione are the two Pokemons that you can get in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. These two are the fan favorites and every single player might want to unlock them in the game. If you are one of these players, please follow the guide below.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to Get Manaphy Egg Pokemon

Manaphy Egg Pokemon is linked to the Mystery Gift event. This event is available for a limited time, which means that you cannot get the Manaphy Egg after the event has ended. The ending date for the Mystery Gift event is 21st February 2022.

So, in the current circumstances, there are a few things that you need to go through to access the Mystery Gift event. Some of you could already have gotten through all these things, but for those of you who haven’t, this is what you need to do. Players should make sure that their game is up-to-date, and that they have progressed enough through the game. You will know that you have played enough games when you will reach Jubilife City.

In Jubilife City, you need to go to the TV Center of Jubilife City. When you are at the TV Center, you need to interact with the TV Producer, who will be standing beside a woman. The TV Producer would be wearing a purplish yellow colored jacket. So, it’d be easy for you to spot him there.

Upon interacting with the producer, you need to select these options respectively: 1st = Yes, 2nd = HAPPY WIFI CONNECTION EVERYONE. Now, that you have done all the above things right, you need to go to the main menu, and you will notice that the Mystery Gift option is now clickable.

After accessing the Mystery Gift option, you need to select the option “Get Via Internet”, and then choose the “Manaphy Egg Gift” from this menu. You can also get the “Clothing Gift” by repeating the above steps. After doing this, the Manaphy Egg will be added to your Pokemon boxes.

How to Get Phione Pokemon

To get Phione, you first need to hatch the Manaphy Egg and have a Ditto. After the hatching of Manaphy Egg, you need to go to the Solaceon Town. You can mark the location on the map and travel there.

After reaching Solaceon Town, you need to go the Pokemon Nursery and hand them over the Manaphy Egg and the Ditto. The Nursery attendant will tell you to come back later, and when you do come back after a while, you will get Phione Pokemon from the Ditto. This was the easy method and we recommend doing this method to get Phione fast and easy way.

This is everything that we have got on getting Manaphy Egg and Phione in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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