Machalite Ore is a resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It is used as a crafting material, and you will need it in so many places, but first, you got to find it in order to use it. Machalite Ore is not the hardest resource to find in Monster Hunter Rise, as you can get this very early on in the game. This is a guide on how to get Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.


How to Get Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Regardless of what weapons or armor you are trying to craft in Monster hunter Rise, you will need Machalite Ore, as it is used in various recipes and crafting. You can collect this resource easily if you know where to look.

The very first place to look for Machalite Ore is the Sandy Plains. When you are in this area, you should keep an eye out for small groups of stones which will look like colored boulders. If you interact with these, you can get all kinds of Ores from these stones, and boulders. In Sandy Plains, you will find two types of Ores, white and blue.

The colors don’t matter for the Machalite Ore though. It can be obtained from both of these but it is not always guaranteed, that these will drop Machalite Ore. You can also go on an expedition to the Sandy Plains, and hunt for the Machalite Ores these, and you will end up with a great amount of it.

Next, the best places to collect Machalite Ore are Flooded Forest and Lava Caverns. You can find plenty of Machalite Ore in these places.

Where to Use the Machalite Ore
Machalite Ore is used to craft a great amount of weaponry and armor pieces. This is the list of weapons and armors it is used to craft:

  • Buster Sword I
  • Icicle Fang I
  • Aknosom Blade I
  • Tetranadon Edge I
  • Kamura Blade III
  • Castello Saif I
  • Gigant Makra I
  • Hidden Saber I
  • Kamura Spear III
  • Distension I
  • Aknosom Lance I
  • Plegis Needle I
  • Kamura Iron Axe III
  • Azuros Axe II
  • Axenosom I
  • Daidalos Axe
  • Sleepy Shellslice I
  • Kamura H. Bowgun III
  • Reversal Shot I
  • Queen’s Longfire I
  • Striker’s Bowgun I
  • Meteor Bazooka I
  • Rock Eater I
  • Carom Shot I
  • Highpriest Bowgun I
  • Kamura Iron Bow III
  • Dawn Ray Bow I
  • Wroggi Revolver I
  • Khezu Bow I
  • Arko Nulo II
  • These are the armors:
  • Aknosom Mail
  • Alloy Helm
  • Alloy Mail
  • Alloy Vambraces
  • Alloy Coil
  • Alloy Greaves
  • Ingot Mail
  • Ingot Greaves
  • Skull
  • Basarios Mail
  • Basarios Vambraces
  • Khezu Helm
  • Khezu Mail
  • Wroggi Helm
  • Wroggi Vambraces
  • Tetranadon Braces
  • Rhenoplos Helm
  • Rhenoplos Coil
  • Rhenoplos Greaves
  • Alloy Helm S
  • Alloy Mail S
  • Alloy Vambraces S
  • Alloy Coil S
  • Alloy Greaves S

This was everything that you needed to know about what is Machalite Ore, and what are its uses in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Monster Hunter Rise wiki guides.