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How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 22

Loyalty is an important aspect of FIFA, and you will have to reach the maximum levels of loyalty. Loyalty increases the chemistry of players in a team. All the characters in your FUT will have the loyalty factor, which affects their chemistry. So, you will need to complete the SBCs to achieve loyalty and see the loyal players with a green shield on their cards. This is how you can get loyalty in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: How to Get Loyalty

You can get loyalty in two ways. The first one is that the player who unlocked a pack will have loyalty by default or the player that has played ten games while being on your team will be loyal to your club. These two methods of getting loyalty are somewhat difficult and complex to understand. We might face some difficulties when competing in SBC in FIFA 22.

If you face difficulty in adding players to SBC in FIFA 22, you may need to opt for doing the loyalty trick to get bonus rewards for completing the team for SBC. To do this you will first need to load FIFA Ultimate Team and compose a team of all the loyal players in your club. Now, go to templates and use the copy action sample from there, then proceed to select Squad Battles.

Here, you will have the option to choose the enemy team and the difficulty as well. After confirming the opposition and difficulty level, you will be forwarded to the team selection screen. On this screen, you need to paste the SBC team that you have created and start the game.

Now, disconnect the internet from the network configuration settings in your console. So, when you return to the game, it will show the disconnected from server message. You just need to press A on Xbox, or X on PlayStation, and you will be brought back to the main menu

While on the main menu, return to network configuration, and reconnect to the internet. As soon as you have connected to the internet, go back into the game, and you will be on the screen where you can check the stats of all the loyal players of the club.

Follow this procedure to know that you have played a game but that game will not be counted towards your career statistics and will not affect your matches Win/ Draw/ Loss at all. This procedure will get you loyalty of all the players, when you perform this procedure for ten times total. This means that you will have to do this once for each player.

This is all that you need to know about getting loyalty in FIFA 22. Need more help? Check out How to Farm Skill Points, How to Cross, How to Free Kicks.

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