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How To Get Long Eared Headband In Palworld (Location And Recipe)


The Long-Eared Headband stands out as a unique and charming item in Palworld. Like other items, you need to craft it using the right schematics. In this guide, let’s go through everything you need to know on how to find Long Eared Headband schematic and then craft them using the right crafting recipe and materials in Palworld.

How To Get Long Eared Headband Schematic (Blueprint)

The Long-Eared Headband in Palworld is more than just a cosmetic accessory; it’s a schematic item, meaning players need to first acquire the blueprint and then gather necessary materials for crafting. There are two primary methods to obtain the Long-Eared Headband schematic: either through purchasing it or by looting chests.

For those who prefer a more direct approach, the schematic can be bought from the Small Settlement Wandering Merchant, located at coordinates (71, -486), for 500 gold coins. This merchant, often the first one players encounter in the game, also offers a variety of other items including seeds, food, medical supplies, and different hat schematics.

There’s also the option of looting chests scattered throughout the game world, especially in dungeons and high-level areas. While this method doesn’t guarantee finding the Long-Eared Headband schematic specifically, it does offer the thrill of discovery and the possibility of uncovering various other valuable items. Some chests require copper keys to unlock.

Note: The same merchant that sells Long Eared Headband Schematic, also has other items that you might want to pick up for 500 GOLD each including farming hat, bowler hat, tocotoco cap, gumoss cap, penking cap.

Long Eared Headband Crafting Recipe

Once you have the schematic, crafting the Long-Eared Headband requires specific resources: 12x pieces of cloth and 2x ingots. These materials are considered early-game resources, making them relatively easy to obtain. Cloth can be acquired from Pals like Lamball and Cremis, and requires unlocking its technology node at level three.

Ingots, on the other hand, are produced by smelting ore, which can be mined from brown rocks found around Palworld. To smelt ore into ingots, players need a primitive furnace, unlocked at level 10. After gathering these materials, players can head to their base’s workbench to find the crafting recipe and create the Long-Eared Headband.

The Long-Eared Headband is not solely for aesthetic appeal. In Palworld, items often come with additional benefits and buffs that can aid players in various aspects of the game, such as exploration, combat, and interaction with Pals. For instance, wearing the Long-Eared Headband could potentially attract more Pals due to its adorable appearance, or provide specific advantages in navigating the game world, such as avoiding enemies or reaching challenging places.

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