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How to Get Linen in New World


Linen is a resource item in New World with some special functionality. Linen is heavily used in crafting various items and cosmetics. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to get Linen in the game.

New World: How to Get Linen

To get Linen, players need to have some resources to make linen out of them. These resources include fibers and a loom station. You will need 4 pieces of fibers, which can be obtained by looking at the map and going to the “Resource Locations”.

The “Resource Locations” is pretty simple to spot because of their blue color highlighting. Fibers are usually found in meadows of forests, and you can collect them from hemp plants.

The next thing that you need to find is the loom station, which is also pretty easy to get if you are familiar with the map and know where to look for it. You will need 1 loom station to craft linen.

You can make linen by going to any loom station with your collected fibers. The linen that you are going to make from this method is going to be enough for using the refined weaving skill in the game. The linen from this method is not enough but you can take plants with it in advance.

You can also find a lot of hemp in forests when forests get spacious. This is when you will find a lot of hemp in forests on a regular basis. You just need to spot the pink and blue plants in the forests to collect hemp.

Linen is used in making light armor, and you craft all kinds of armor with linen, like chest, legs, elbow, and arms armor. You can also use linen to make bags, which are supposed to increase our inventory storing capacity.

This is all that there is to know about getting linen in New World. Need more help? See Core Attributes, Outpost Rush, Resource Tracking.

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