Life Mote is a crafting material used in Alchemy, and to craft various items. Life Mote is commonly used to refine Diamond and Onyx gems, which can be used with armor sets or weapons afterward. There are quite a few places where you can find Life Motes, please follow the guide below for further information on Life Motes.

New World: How to Get Life Mote

You can collect Life Motes from Lifebloom plants or Lifemoth creatures. Lifebloom plants are a great source to get Life Motes. You will find a couple of plants to the south of Fisherman’s Bend. This area is located in Willette’s Farmstead.

Now, you should go towards Valley View Mirador through the mountains and travel to the Fallswatch Overlook. Another place to look for Lifebloom plants is Buccaneer Falls. You are guaranteed to find a bunch of Lifebloom Plants in this area.

To collect Life Motes from Lifebloom Plants, you need to be at least a level 30 harvester.

The next method to get Life Motes is through Lifemoths. These are rare magical creatures, as they spawn after every 25 minutes or so. These creatures are usually roaming around in the northern part of the map.

Players have found several Lifemoths in Everfall and Monarch Bluffs.

To collect Life Motes from Lifemoths, you can just be a level 1 harvester, as it does not require any harvesting level to collect Life Motes in this method. This is what makes this method the easiest to gather Life Motes.

You can also find Life Motes in Alchemy Crates, or Stockpiles. You need to loot these crates to obtain Life Motes, and you get some Life Motes by doing this. Alchemy crates are popular in Buccaneer Falls and Buccaneer Creek in Windward.

This is everything that there is to know about how to get Life Motes in New World. Need more help? See Lifestaf Healer Build, Level Up Fast, Mute Chat.

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