An odd crossover event is happening right now in The Division 2 with the arrival of Resident Evil outfits. There are a handful of these special event outfits you can unlock in The Division 2 right now. However, the most sought after outfit is Leon S. Kennedy. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get Leon S. Kennedy outfit in The Division 2 Resident Evil crossover.

The Division 2: How to Unlock the Leon S. Kennedy Outfit

To get the Leon outfit in The Division 2 log into the game and visit the White House. Enter through the front entrance that takes you inside the building itself. Go to the stash and click on your mailbox. Inside you will find the Leon S. Kennedy outfit for your The Division 2 character.

The Leon outfit is only available until February 15. Log into The Division 2 until February 15 to get the outfit for free. Keep in mind that the outfit is entirely cosmetic and offers no bonuses or buffs to your build.

The Division 2 Leon Kennedy outfit is the only one that’s free or doesn’t have any prerequisites. All other Resident Evil event outfits require you to increase your SHD level or use premium credits (real-money) to unlock.

How to Earn Resident Evil Event Keys

To earn Resident Evil Event Keys in The Division 2 raise your SHD level 4 times. You’ll 1 key every four levels. You can use these keys until February 22nd, 2021. Meanwhile, the event will end on February 15.

And that’s all you need to know on how to get the Leon Kennedy in The Division 2.

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