While V Rising gives players many options for spending their time, one of the essential things for any vampire lord is to keep a steady supply of Leather on hand. Leather is used for various purposes, from crafting new clothing to repairing existing armor. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to get Leather in V Rising. So, Read On!

The Best Way To Get Leather in V Rising

In V Rising, you’ll come across many different types of animals, each of which can provide valuable resources. One such resource is Animal Hide, which can be used to create Leather at a Tannery. To build a Tannery, Follow the Below instructions:

  • Open the build menu and navigate to the Refinement tab.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach Tannery.
  • For Tannery, You Need 160 Animal Hide and 8 Planks
  • To Unlock Tannery, Defeat The Keely Frost Archer (Level 20 Boss)
  • After Defeating The Boss, start building Tannery
  • To begin, hover your cursor over the item and select “Craft Leather.” Then, simply interact with it and drag your Animal Hide into the input slot to begin manufacturing Leather.

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