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How To Get Leather In Palworld With Best Farming Methods


Palworld, with its vast crafting systems, introduces players to a variety of crafting materials, of which Leather is a particularly vital resource. Whether you’re crafting your first set of armor, looking to speed up your travels with a mount, or boosting your combat capabilities, knowing how to efficiently gather Leather is key. So in this guide, let’s go through everything you need to know on how to get and farm Leather in Palworld.

How To Get And Find Leather

Leather in Palworld comes from the game’s creatures, known as Pals. Unlike more straightforward gathering tasks in other games, obtaining Leather requires you to hunt down these creatures across the map. Here’s how you can ensure a steady supply:

Which Pals Drop Leather?

Early in your game, certain Pals are prime targets for Leather farming. These include:

  1. Univolt
  2. Incineram Noctis
  3. Eikthyrdeer Terra
  4. Fuddler
  5. Pyrin Noct
  6. Nitewing
  7. Tombat
  8. Direhowl
  9. Gorirat
  10. Pyrin
  11. Mammorest Cryst
  12. Chillet
  13. Incineram
  14. Grizzbolt
  15. Nox
  16. Rooby
  17. Eikthyrdeer
  18. Galeclaw
  19. Ribbunny
  20. Reindrix
  21. Vixi
  22. Melpaca
  23. Mossanda Lux
  24. Katrass
  25. Foxparks
  26. Rushoar
  27. Fuack
  28. Mossanda
  29. Mammorest
  30. Fenglope
  31. Verdash ​

Tip: Go to the Paldeck in the menu to see which Pals offer Leather. Pick a creature and press 3 on Keyboard (or RT on controllers) to see its Habitat location.

Each of these Pals drops Leather upon defeat, and some offer additional resources, making them worthwhile targets for multiple crafting needs.

Best Leather Farming Method

When it comes to actually gathering Leather, players have options: defeating, capturing, or butchering Pals. Defeating or knocking out Pals tends to be the most straightforward method, usually yielding around three pieces of Leather. Capturing them with monster balls is another viable strategy, especially if you have objectives related to capturing. Butchering, while not every player’s first choice, is a method that can’t be overlooked for those willing to embrace a more direct approach.

best leather farming location in palworld.
Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance has plenty of leather farming opportunities.
  • Focus on Early-Game Creatures: Foxparks, Melpacas, Fuack, and Eikthyrdeer are not only plentiful but also provide a good starting point for your Leather needs. You can often find them near Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance.
  • Use Monster Balls for Objectives: While defeating Pals is efficient, capturing can fulfill additional objectives, making your farming efforts more productive. Here’s a guide for the all capture balls crafting recipes.
  • Craft and Repair Armor: Keeping your armor in top shape is crucial for survival and progression in Palworld.

Early-game zones are rich with these Leather-dropping creatures. Foxparks, for instance, can be found just a short journey down the hills from the starting area, making them an accessible target for early Leather farming. Eikthyrdeer, while a bit tougher, are worth the effort for their slightly higher Leather drop rate of 3-4 pieces.

Leather’s primary use in Palworld is at the Workbench, especially the Pal Gear Workbench, where it becomes a crucial component for crafting a variety of items:

  • Crafting Armor: Essential for your first set and for repairs to keep it in top condition.
  • Creating Mounts: The Eikthyrdeer Saddle, for instance, can be crafted using Leather, allowing for faster travel across the game’s environments.
  • Unlocking Partner Skills: Leather is used in crafting items that unlock skills beneficial in combat and exploration.
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