How to Get Killstreaks in Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale

Call of Duty Warzone killstreaks

Call of Duty Warzone battle royale mode does give you access to killstreaks but how can you get them? The answer is pretty simple and in our Call of Duty Warzone Killstreaks guide, we will explain how to get them as well as how to get your hands on custom loadouts.

How to Get Killstreaks in Warzone

When you drop on the map you will have nothing but a handgun at your disposal. Get your hands on a decent weapon and start making your way to the safe zone unless you are already in it. Once you are in a safe spot, access your map and locate the shopping cart icon. These are buy stations spread across the map at various points. Buy stations are how you get killstreaks on Call of Duty Warzone. Buy stations are also where you get custom loadouts. There are a variety of items you can get from Warzone buy stations. Here’s the list of items and prices.

Buy Stations Items and Prices

  • Armor Plate Bundle – $1500
  • Shield Turret – $2000
  • Cluster Strike – $3000
  • Gas Mask – $3000
  • Precision Airstrike – $3500
  • UAV – $4000
  • Self-Revive Kit – $4500
  • Squad Buyback – $4500 per teammate
  • Munitions Box – $5000
  • Loadout Drop Marker – $6000

You can get killstreaks including Cluster Strike, UAV, Shield Turret, and Precision Airstrike in Call of Duty Warzone battle royale. Since cash is king here, you might find these money farming tips helpful. Money is the main factor that runs the in-game economy. Money is earned buy complete bounties and contracts that are available at various points of interest.

Type of Available Killstreaks

  • Cluster Strike
  • UAV
  • Shield Turret
  • Precision Strike

Other killstreaks such as Gunner Chopper, VTOL,  Juggernaut, Auto Turret, Counter UAV, and more won’t be available in the Warzone mode for balancing reasons.

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